by Phantasmagoria

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released January 27, 2011



all rights reserved


Phantasmagoria Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: Indian Burial Ground
Pack up your things
all your favorite things
that you think you can't leave
but you don't really need
and then follow the sounds till you're safe in the trees
I promise you, you'll never wanna leave
I promise you, you'll love to breathe

I wanna sleep on the ground (on the cold, hard ground)
I wanna lay in the grass (on the soft, green grass)
I wanna sink in the soil (I wanna lay in your arms)
I wanna feel like I belong (that I don't wanna go home)
I wanna soak up the sun (but I wanna lay in the snow)
I wanna taste you with my tongue (I want the linger in my throat)
I wanna float on water (I wanna sink in the sea)
I want you anytime, anyplace
I want you and I want you always

Getting impatient, feeling uneasy, daydreaming
This is me without you, slowly turning blue
This is me without you, I've gone all the way through
Track Name: Oscoda
And it followed with a bang, vamoose!
The birds all shunned my face
Cleanse my hands of almost everything
The creek runs red now
It's from my bear claws
But it felt good, the animal in me coming out
Patterns found on the trees and on the ground

Do you think that we're in a dream?
I know I feel like I am
Suddenly I know how to breathe
and there's color in my cheeks

I'll give you what you gave me
A burning romance no faker than the trees
sleeping in this forest awoke me

Sweet seduction under the northern sky
the trees are warm with emotion
like our faces red, covered in sweat
first times like turning water to wine
we made our way through the thick woods
to a spot where the grass was so soft and warm
we laid and played in the forest grove
and we made fire when it got too cold
Track Name: Something Big
Today I woke up, with bruised ankles and ribs
Something big is gonna happen
Today I woke up, with tiny candles in my chest
I can feel it right in my bones
You'll go to school and I'll work the mornings
But nothing can prepare us for this
(something big is gonna happen)

It hit me right between the eyes
now everything's gone black, except a tiny light
Only shadows in the dark are moving
But I'm moving to the sound of my own clock ticking
Today I woke up, and I've never felt so alive

Like a child on the fourth of July
Like the first time you get high
Like the way it feels when you look in my eyes
But more, I've never felt so alive

Get up, get up, get up, get up
Move up, move up, move on

I'm gonna watch you chase what you want
I wanna see you dive into water
Like you would if you were on fire,
if you what you want is in the water
I'm gonna watch you chase what you want
I wanna see you run to your lover's arms
like you would if you just spent a year apart,
if what you want is in your lover's arms
When you're laying in bed, and you get that feeling
that you're laying where you are, for a reason

Sitting still but my mind's spinning
No one knows how you feel
No one knows how you live
So why don't you get up?