by Phantasmagoria

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During the Winter and Spring of 2012, we traveled to the Philippine islands. During our travels we were so inspired by the places we saw, the adventures we had, the people we met, and the field recordings we took that we wrote 4 songs while we were there that would come to be called the Island EP. Although we we're in the midst of releasing our debut album "Currents", we felt this album was important and began to work on it almost immediately after our album was released in July of 2012. During this time Lianna was plagued with reoccurring dreams in which she was at the end of her life and wanted nothing but to record these songs.
Available now for free and exclusively in digital format, this is our little way of rebelling against the grueling and tedious process of releasing an album, and to give something back for all the amazing support our fans have given us the last couple years. We hope you enjoy it.
- Lianna & Christopher

written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Christopher Jarvis
vocals and lyrics by Lianna Vanicelli


released September 25, 2012



all rights reserved


Phantasmagoria Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: White Coasts
I'm on the white coasts
everything is right
my heart is out of control
but beating perfectly in time
and as I lay here
on this bed outside
I only wish that I, wish that I

could stay - here
Bahay Kalipay
happiness over fear
I dream that I could wake here
what a beautiful place
I know I'll long for the taste
of pristine perfection
of overwhelming direction
the feeling of love and connection
waking to the sound of celebration

I found a place
on the island
I found a place
Track Name: Island Daydreams
the wind kisses my hair
it feels so good to be bare
I melt into the sand
and let the island take me by hand
the sun is burning to my bones
open up, let it in, feel it flow
just like a dream, just let it be
no concept of time
yes, I feel alive

let's take a long walk on the shore
wait for the tide to hide and get low
we can watch the sun go down
from the middle of the ocean
and when I looked around
it was like a dream
just let it be
no concept of time
yes, I feel alive
Track Name: Baguio / Puerto Princesa
I'm getting on a plane today
that I don't wanna board
I'm leaving all my love behind
cause I have no control
that my plane is going back
is going back home
back to my blurry life
where everyone's alone

I wanna be in the place where I can breathe
so take me to the island I love
back to the island up above
where people do what humans want
and life isn't all about money and things

when the clouds hang so low that they skim the treetops and
graze your fingertips, beauty is finally in reach
I was in a place of constant awareness
all eyes glistened in the sun and everyone was breathing as one
and in this moment I found what I have always have been looking for
as I rode across the ocean, it's black abyss washed me clean of my doubts and flashed me a glimpse of hope that I knew I could find if I dove deep into it's waters
deep, deep down. cleansing and pure
I found a place that the soul can thrive
love is the only free thing in this world and between us,
only open doors should exist.
these memories are constant reminders that life
is the richest when you have nothing but
love and the ability to breathe
Track Name: Closer
six years ago, I barely remember
now I'm here two weeks and I feel like staying forever
cause it feels like home here
the air it whispers in my ears
telling me the things I've been dying to hear
and asking me

can we get closer?
I want to know you better

waking up
I feel light as a feather
I breathe in the sun and the air
cause we belong together
it's so much clearer here
the ocean sent me waves of love and fear
it knew I hadn't felt this happily scared in years
see I come from a place much colder

can we get closer?
I want to know you better